"Listen to me. I’m shy. I’m not stupid. I can’t meet people’s eyes. I don’t know if you understand what that’s like. There’s a whole world going on around me, I’m aware of that. It’s not because I don’t want to look at you. It’s that I don’t want to be seen."

Jonathan Lethem, You Don’t Love Me Yet (via splitterherzen)

Never read something so relatable

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College soon…

Don’t want to go back. I want to leave so bad.


الله إصلاح قلبي

Allah fix my heart


I want a baby but I don’t want a man… See my dilemma?


As a human, you can’t fully understand the wisdom behind Allah’s plans. So if you gain something, embrace it. And if you lose something, let it be. You don’t always love what is best for you, and you don’t always hate what is terribly wrong for you. Trust in His plans for your life because that is when the best unfolds itself.


I’m pushing everyone away, the ones who truly care will find a way back.


I wish I could just ‘delete’ people from my life.

"I just want to pour my soul out on someone and not have to worry about the mess I’ve made."

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I think the most painful realisation comes when you find that you cannot speak your mother tongue as well as you do the language of the land where you grew up. My English is evidence of this. When something as simple as a colour, or the name of an animal in your mother tongue leaves you dumb. Yesterday I could not find the world for ‘turtle’ in Somali, only after my mother reminded me, did I recall knowing it.

We betray our mother tongues, for the languages of nations who will never fully accept us. We let the strangeness infest our mouths until we forget how to accommodate our original tongues.


mother tongue, Farah Gabdon (via taaqat)

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Always remember to play/recite Quran in your home. 

Wallah it makes the atmosphere so much more peaceful. 

If you cannot play it out loud in your home (because of non-Muslim family, etc.) then play it in your headphones while you clean your room or do your homework. 

Let the Quran play while you sleep. 

Just soak your whole atmosphere in the Quran. 


Tomorrow is not promised.

Say alhamdulillah upon waking.
Say bismillah up sleeping. 

Make it a ritual.